We continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, actively following guidance and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control while taking actions to keep our residents, prospective residents, and associates safe. This is an unsettling time with a rapidly changing environment. Our goal is to keep up and keep healthy.

After careful consideration and out of an abundance of caution, we have made changes to our office procedures in an effort to practice social distancing and to keep our community healthy.

We are asking all residents to conduct business with our office via online, phone, and/or email. Our associates will be working normal business hours to ensure we are able to meet all of your needs.

We would like to also officially accept all work orders.   Please log on to your resident portal to submit.  When submitting please be as detailed as possible, and add any photo if possible.  Please note that all work orders including emergencies should be submitted through the portal during business hours.  Emergencies will take priorities over regular maintenance requests.  Due to an increase of service requests please anticipate longer wait times for orders to be fulfilled.  Your patience is always appreciated.

Emergencies After hours:

Only the emergencies below should be phoned into our emergency hotline after hours.  Please do not send any work orders at any time via email.  The team member on-call will address maintenance emergencies.

After-hours emergencies can be reported by calling 813-613-1803.

    • No Electricity (non-TECO related)
    • Broken/Non-working exterior doors, locks, & windows of your unit
    • No heat (outside temps below 50 degrees)
    • No Air Conditioning (85 or above)
    • No water
    • Toilet not working
    • Flooding, & Broken pipes

Gas Leaks:

It’s important to be able to identify signs of a natural gas leak, especially the rotten egg-like odor that natural gas gives off. Near a gas line, watch for blowing dirt, bubbling water, dry spots in moist areas or dead plants surrounded by live, green plants. Listen for a hissing sound. All of these things could mean there is a natural gas leak nearby

If you suspect a natural gas leak, check your pilot lights or see if a burner valve has been left partially on. If you can’t find the source, open windows and doors to disperse the gas and call Peoples Gas.

If the odor is extremely strong, leave immediately – don’t try to find or stop the leak. Don’t touch anything electrical before you leave or use a telephone, even a cell phone. Don’t smoke, don’t turn appliances or lights on or off, and don’t operate any vehicle or equipment that could create a spark. Once you are out of the suspected area, immediately call 877-832-6747 (877-TECO PGS).

A gas leak is a rare occurrence, but for your protection, 24-hour emergency service is available with a phone call to Peoples Gas toll free at 877-832-6747 (877-TECO PGS).

Best Practices:

  • Monitor advisories and updates from the CDC, World Health Organization, and the Florida Health Department.
  • No handshaking.
  • Maintain a distance of 6 feet
  • Using only your knuckles to touch light switches and buttons
  • Avoiding touching door handles with your hands. Open doors with your closed fist or hip whenever possible.
  • Washing your hands 8-10 times daily (plus before eating)
  • Avoid touching your face.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 we encourage you reaching out to your property management office to help contain the spread of the virus within buildings and common areas.

To our current residents who may be on the verge of moving to another location, it may be a bit unsettling to pick up and relocate at this time. We are here to help and hope that we can work on postponing your move or rearranging your plans.  If you have already made the decision to move, we are committed to your safety and we will be suspending tours to occupied apartment homes.

Please feel free to call us at 813-682-6123 and leave a detailed message.  Our associates will return your call as soon as possible.